Ever wondered what the added health benefits are of that long day spent at the spa?

We at the Waterside Hotel love any excuse to book ourselves in for a massage or facial at our spa in Didsbury, but there’s more to our treatments than meets the eye.

Rest and Recuperation

Modern life can be hectic, which is why pausing for a moment can make all the difference to your mental health. We’re constantly worrying about work, relationships or even what to have for tea tomorrow, but taking the time to slow down can really improve your mood and relax the mind, helping you to avoid feeling stressed or down.

Improved Sleep

They don’t say you should be getting eight hours sleep for the fun of it. Taking the time to relax during the day has been proven to affect your sleep for the better. Get some downtime in the daylight so you can sleep like a baby during the night.

Pain Relief Without the Pills

Knots in your upper back from craning over your laptop or from being hunched over your desk at work? Sometimes, it feels like there’s nothing a deep tissue massage can’t fix. Easing out the strain in your back will leave you free from pain and with a much better posture.

Boost Your Self Esteem

Feeling down about unavoidable acne or scarring? Book yourself in for a facial and smooth out those creases or unwanted skin problems. Feeling positive about the way you look can change the way you interact with people, leaving you with a spring in your step!

Eradicate Unwanted Toxins

Most spas, much like our spa in Didsbury, have a sauna or a steam room onsite. These aren’t just warm places for you to relax in post-workout – they help to exterminate and rid your body of any toxins it might be carrying. Win, win!

Who would have thought it possible to relax and unwind while soaking up health benefits all at the same time? Well, you better believe it.

View our available treatments and book yourself in for some rest and relaxation at our independent spa in Didsbury today.